What is iZap?

iZap provides systems that automate and consolidate the reordering and replenishment of frequently used direct and indirect materials.  By utilizing a simple yet inventive barcode scanning technology and a patent-pending Internet-based transaction platform, iZap enables users to lower overall supply chain costs by reducing acquisitions costs through better inventory management.

iZap allow suppliers, end-user customers, salespeople and delivery route managers to efficiently monitor and manage their supply relationships through our Internet-based transaction platform.  So, unlike traditional bar code scanner systems, on-site software and complex system integration is not required.

iZap also offers comprehensive services tailored to meet your needs including parts database set-up, barcode label printing, implementation and user training, technical support and system integration.

iZap Benefits:

  • Reduce Inventory Costs
  • Reduce Order Processing Costs
  • Save Time and Paperwork
  • Eliminate Ordering Errors
  • Implement Lean Manufacturing
  • Reduce On-hand Inventory
  • Increase Turns
  • Increase Cash Flow


For more information about iZap, please follow the links on the left or call (239) 220-6216.