iZap CS
Low-cost Keychain Scanner Solution

iPower is excited to announce iZap CS, an extension of our successful iZap automated replenishment system.  iZap CS utilizes a small keychain scanner that is approximately the size of a remote car door opener.  The simple system has only two functions - scan and transmit, everything else is handled at the server level making remote implementations very easy.  iZap CS eliminates potential dial-up problems by transmitting scan data via the Internet.  Most importantly, at less then $150 per scanner you can now afford to extend your bin replenishment program to even the smallest accounts.

How it Works:

  • User scans barcode labels of items needing to be replenished.  PO and reorder quantites have been predefined within iZap
  • Keychain scanner is connected to a PC running the iZap CS client software which immediately downloads the scan data
  • Data is automatically transmitted to iZap's webserver via the Internet.  No phone line needed!
  • iZap generates orders and acknowledgements per the customer and supplier setup.


  • Inexpensive to implement (Scanners under $150)
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Internet data transmission (No phone line)
  • All of iZap’s back-end capabilities are still available

For more information, please call (239) 220-6216.