iZap for Buyers
Many high volume, low dollar value items that are important to a manufacturing process, may have high indirect acquisition costs.  You may also have a variety of vendors that supply fasteners, connectors, seals, gaskets, fittings, cutting tools, electronic and electrical components, labels and packaging, and other "fast flow" items making the management of your inventory time consuming and expensive

The iZap system is designed to automate, consolidate, improve, and most-importantly, reduce the acquisition cost of direct and indirect materials.  iZap enables you to rapidly and accurately reorder materials from your established suppliers using a single barcode scanner and the iZap transaction platform.  Fast, accurate orders are sent to your suppliers via electronic data interchange (EDI), FTP, electronic mail or fax.  You receive a confirming purchase order electronically and can monitor your orders via a web browser. 

Unlike vendor-provided scanning tools, iZap allows you to manage your supply chain with the vendors of your choosing using a single scanner and a web browser. 

The iZap system includes a simple barcode scanner and a secured access to our Internet-based processing platform.  No specialized on-site software is required.  Set-up and management of your trading relationships is accomplished through iZap's on-line tools and utilities.


  • Reduces order processing costs
  • Minimizes purchasing time and paperwork
  • Standardizes ordering process across suppliers
  • Lowers on-hand inventory
  • Increases control of inventory
  • Provides Internet based reporting tools


Multi-supplier electronic ordering - iZap enables consolidated purchasing of "fast flow" direct and indirect materials using a single handheld barcode scanner and the iZap Internet-based transaction platform.

Kanban automation - iZap automates Kanban programs using bar-coded Kanban cards and a scanner to trigger re-stocking.

Automated replenishment - iZap enables manufacturers to electronically transmit orders directly into their suppliers' buyers.

Bin replenishment - iZap provides manufacturers and assemblers an accurate and simple method of automating bin replenishment programs.


What is iZap?
iZap is designed to automate, consolidate, improve, and reduce the acquisition cost of direct and indirect materials.  iZap enables users to rapidly and accurately reorder materials from established suppliers using a single barcode scanner and the iZap transaction platform. 

What are the applications for iZap?
iZap enables consolidated purchasing of "fast flow" direct and indirect materials for Kanban automation, automated replenishment and bin replenishment programs.  iZap allows users to manage the reorder process from multiple trading partners using a single barcode scanner.

What are the benefits of iZap?
iZap reduces order processing costs, minimizes purchasing time and paperwork, standardizes the ordering process across suppliers, lowers on-hand inventory, automates Kanban programs, increases control of inventory and provides Internet-based management and reporting tools.  A single scanner may be used to reorder from multiple trading partners.

How will iZap reduce my purchasing costs?
iZap enables users to consolidate, standardize and streamline purchasing processes by using a single barcode scanner to reorder parts from any established trading partner. iZap eliminates several steps in the purchasing process, reduces costly paperwork, decreases the chance of expensive ordering errors and gives you the reporting tools to better manage your inventory. 

What am I purchasing when I buy iZap?
iZap is a subscription-based service that includes secured, password-protected access to iZap's Internet-based transaction platform.  The transaction platform provides the management tools, utilities and reporting features needed to establish item databases, print barcode labels, manage trading relationships, define communication protocols, send orders and receive order confirmation.  System implementation and set-up assistance as well as on-going support is available from the iZap customer service staff.  Appropriate iZap enabled barcode scanners, PDA scanners or Keychain scanners are also required and priced separately.  Barcode label printers, label supplies and part storage systems are also available. 

What do my suppliers and I need to use iZap?
You and your suppliers will need a browser-based Internet connection to access iZap.  Some scanners require an analog telephone line for data transmission.

What services does iPower provide to assist me in implementing and using iZap?
iPower offers comprehensive services tailored to meet your needs. Services include parts database set-up, barcode label printing, implementation and user training, technical support and system integration.

What are the steps to implement iZap?
Identify the parts and suppliers that you wish to include in the program.  Build or export a simple parts database and upload to it the iZap transaction platform.  Print and apply barcode labels.  Start scanning!

How long will it take me to implement iZap?
Once you have identified the items and the suppliers that you want to manage using iZap, the system may be implemented in a matter of days.

Will iZap be integrated with my business system?
iZap currently supports ANSI X.12 EDI transaction sets as well as export formats to most common ERP and distribution software packages.  For suppliers not wanting to integrate into their back-end system iZap supports fax and electronic mail delivery.

How does iZap handle purchase order numbers?
The iZap system supports several types of purchase order numbering options including entering a PO number at the time of scanning, incrementing PO numbers, blanket PO with incrementing releases, site based blanket PO with release and item based blanket with releases.

Who maintains my suppliers' parts database?
Buyers maintain their parts databases via a secured browser-based interface and file upload utilities.